Abandoned Grove Compliance Agreement

(3) All citrus fruits that have been pushed solidly (or no longer have trees) must be broken and kept clean by all citrus fruits or germs from strains that could cause the spread of citrus disease and contribute to the spread of citrus disease in order to comply with CHRP guidelines and to remain in question for the de minimis value. 2. Any landowner who receives the de minimis value must submit an updated compliance agreement to the Land Auditor each year from the Department of Agriculture to document subsequent compliance with the CHRP guidelines, as established by the Florida Department of Agriculture. Abandoned and untapped citrus fruits are home to pests and diseases that threaten Florida`s citrus industry. By destroying unwanted and unproductive citrus fruits, grove owners can help protect the state`s citrus fruits and achieve a lower tax rate. To begin with, you can follow the following steps: Below you will find the Highlands County Property Appraisers Office policy regarding citrus and citrus assessment procedures under the Citrus Health Response Program (CHRP), which is defined in the 5B-63.001 of the Florida Administrative Code. This office recognizes CHRP as the follow-up program for the Citrus Canker eradication program, in accordance with correspondence from the March 3, 2009 letter from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. This policy was officially adopted on March 9, 2009 by the Highlands County Property Appraiser, C. Raymond McIntyre C.F.A. (5) Currently, hatreds, which are maintained and harvested, receive the de minimis value for areas of the sea destroyed by disease. The area of a production hain, which is removed due to compliance with CHRP guidelines, can reach 5O per hectare.

The owner must inform the auditor of the number of trees destroyed and the exact location of the tree involved. (9) If, during the review, the expert finds that the grove does not meet Florida Department of Agriculture standards, in accordance with CHRP guidelines, the real estate expert will inform the owner of the possible withdrawal of Ag-c1ssification status and remove all values from the Green Belt and change its value to market value. 6. The landowner is responsible for notifying the Expert`s Office when trees are planted in skipped or displaced production areas in accordance with paragraph 5 of this directive. The landowner should immediately inform the expert if he replants the hain surfaces that have been destroyed by citrus disease.