Agreement Better Law Making

Better regulation is an ongoing priority for the Council. The Council wants better evidence-based legislation and less burdensome and effective governance. In its efforts to ensure that EU legislation is „useful,“ the Competitiveness Council has repeatedly adopted conclusions on improving regulation. These conclusions were also approved by the European Council. The Better Legislation Programme also contains a number of accompanying documents that are directly related to the elements examined by the Council. These documents contain guidelines for better legislation and documents related to the REFIT program. Parliament and the Council may carry out impact assessments on their substantial amendments if they deem it appropriate and necessary. In addition, the agreement provides rules for consultation between stakeholders and ex post evaluation of EU legislation. A better agreement on the legislation was adopted by the Council on 15 March 2016.

Ministers also approved the annual programming rules that transpose the provisions of the inter-institutional agreement into a series of concrete measures and indicative timetables. Improved regulation is at the heart of the functioning of the EU and contributes significantly to competitiveness, growth and employment, simplifying legislation and making it more suitable for businesses and citizens. 5. The three institutions will ensure, as far as possible, a better synchronization of the processing of common files by the preparatory bodies (5) of each branch of the legislative authority (6). The Council will inform the European Parliament in due course of the draft multi-year strategic programme it recommends for adoption by the European Council. The three institutions will communicate their respective annual legislative calendars in order to reach agreement on a common annual programme. The Commission adopted the Better Legislation Programme on 19 May 2015. The Council exchanged views on this issue at a council meeting on 23 June 2015. Ministers took stock of the Council`s work, including the inter-institutional agreement to be negotiated between the Council, the European Parliament and the Commission.

Ministers also discussed the content of the broader agenda for better legislation, with a particular perspective for businesses and citizens. 11. The three institutions will hold a joint press conference to announce the favourable outcome of the legislative procedure in the codecision procedure, once they have reached an agreement, whether it is first reading, second reading or conciliation. This agreement complements the following „Better Legislate“ agreements and declarations, on which the three institutions remain fully attached: 1.