Banes Planning Performance Agreement

The existence of a planning performance agreement means that the legal time frames for determining the application no longer apply. If the local planning authority does not set the application on the agreed date, the applicant may file an appeal, but the agreement should be flexible enough to allow for a change in the circumstances. They can be used for any application, but they are particularly suitable for large or complex applications. The structure of the agreement is defined by the local planning authority and the candidate, but may include, depending on the complexity of the project, an AEA is a negotiated agreement that is signed separately for each stage of a project (pre-application, application, follow-up decision) that we can implement at any time and separately for each type of scheme. The introduction of an AEA has a number of benefits for critical projects: planning agreements are voluntary commitments that allow local planning authorities and building permit applicants to agree on the timetables, measures and resources needed to process a planning application. They are not conceived as legally binding treaties, but in the spirit of a „Memorandum of Understanding“. We strongly recommend that you use a planning manager to help you with your planning application. A Community Infrastructure Tax (CIL) tariff may apply to all plan applications approved after April 6, 2015. View CIL`s information and instructions. A Performance Planning Agreement (AAE) is a collaborative project management tool that is assisted in processing a planning application.

An AAE does not require the planning authority to have a specific outcome, but to have an agreed procedure and timetable for the establishment of the application. Not sure where to start your planning app? We can help you do it right, for the first time. Our pre-application services and development team services give you the opportunity to save time, money and trouble by advising us on your development before implementing a formal planning application. Our team`s expertise includes not only planning, but also ecology, drainage and flood risk, trees and tree building, highways and roads. A single application for a pre-application may include work that could reasonably be part of a single planning application. If your request relates to different options (for example. B several options for a rear extension), we treat them as separate proposals and calculate a separate pre-application fee for each application. If a development contains more than one building element of the project types listed below, the higher fee is due. Local planning authorities may charge for additional administrative work that participates in the planning performance agreement. Parties are invited to make it available to the public.

In addition to existing application fees and service charges for advance planning of notices of application or development teams, AAEs must be paid and reflect the additional work that the Commission must do to meet the obligations of the AAEs. We degrade fees for AAEs based on the size or complexity of the proposals and the phase of the project (see below, royalties from 1 April 2020). An AAE can be particularly useful at the beginning to define an efficient and transparent process for defining large or complex planning applications.