Burntwood Nelson Agreement 2020

One of the major successes of this project has been Tri-Core`s ability to effectively carry out a number of projects managed through a series of syndicated agreements. The work in Keeyask was done as part of the Burntwood Nelson Agreement, which included an employment recommendation service that required Tri-Core to select local candidates to support a significant portion of the work. The BNA, an extension of a collective agreement first negotiated in the late 1960s, establishes recruitment preferences – including priority for the inhabitants of the indigenous peoples of the North – as well as procedures for adjusting wages and certain benefits for the duration of the agreement. The agreement also contains provisions for the recruitment, transfer, mediation, training and retention of indigenous peoples in the North, and facilitates the hiring of indigenous peoples in the north by businesses in northern India. Since the late 1960s, the BNA has been the collective agreement in power for the AHC and the Hydro Projects Management Association and is the longest continuous agreement of its kind in Canada. In October 2005, Manitoba Hydro and the Allied Hydro Council, a joint council of unions representing project workers, agreed to renew the Burntwood Nelson Agreement (BNA) – a No Strike/No Lockout agreement for all major northern hydroelectric projects that will begin in the next 10 years. The project is halted by the terms of the Burntwood Nelson Agreement (BNA), which regulates employment in northern hydroelectric projects. For more information on the current Keeyask and Keewatinohk projects, please contact the AHC at info@mbtrades.ca or call 204.956.7425. The AHC states that protecting the psychological and physiological well-being of Manitoba communities is ultimately the responsibility of Manitoba`s public health. Every community in Manitoba is entitled to a level of protection. The AHC hopes that Manitoba public health will act urgently to combat the regulation of the Keeyask site to protect workers and northern communities. AHC and its member unions are proud of their track record. Working year-round on remote northern sites is never easy, but it`s worth it – the legacy of these projects will benefit Manitoba for future generations.

The Allied Hydro Council of Manitoba (AHC) is a board of 17 unions and unions that build hydroelectric power plants in Manitoba in accordance with the guidelines and standards of the Burntwood Nelson Agreement (BNA). The AHC and Manitoba Building Trades have 12 member unions that are the founding partners of the two boards.