Fisher R Ury W Getting To Yes Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

The cake that leaves both parts happy. Often, you negotiate along a single dimension, such as the height of the territory, the price of a car, the length of a lease for an apartment or the size of a commission for a sale. At other times, you are faced with one that seems to be a clearly favorable choice, either for you or for the other party. Who will have the house in a divorce plan? Who will have custody of the children? You can see the choice as one between winning and losing – and no side will agree to lose. Even if you win and you get the car for $12,000, the five-year lease or the house and the kids, you feel like they won`t make you forget. Whatever the situation, your choice seems limited. In most people`s minds, invention is simply not part of the negotiation process. People see their job as narrowing the gap between positions and not expanding available opportunities. They tend to say, „We have enough trouble agreeing as they are. The last thing we need is a lot of different ideas. Given that the final outcome of the negotiations is a single decision, they are concerned that the outstanding discussion will only delay and confuse the process. „This is by far the best thing I`ve ever read about the negotiations.“ „John Kenneth Galbraith“The authors put many common observations and advice into a small, concise and clearly written book. “ Businessweek“ A successful mission for „win-win“ negotiations. – Newsweek „Getting to Yes has an unrivalled place in the litigation literature. No other book in this field is close to its impact on the way practitioners, teachers, researchers and public negotiations are negotiated. The National Institute of the Dispute Resolution Forum is a very readable and practical pillar of the basis of the negotiations.

As negotiators dealing with personal, community and trade issues, we all need to improve our capacity to resolve conflicts and agree. This group is the best place to start. „John T. Dunlop“ This book will help turn conflicting struggles into a difficult solution. Averell Harriman „Getting to Yes is a very readable and simple guide to resolving conflicts of all possible dimensions. It teaches you how to win without compromising friendships. I would have liked to have written it! – Ann Landers“Getting to Yes is powerful, concise, convincing. Not a bag of tricks, but a comprehensive approach. Perhaps the most useful book you`ll ever read! „Elliot Richardson“ Simple but powerful ideas, which have already made their contribution at the international level, are made available to all. Great advice on how to address a negotiation problem. – Cyrus Vance`s positive communication is a far more effective way to get a yes vote than to blame and criticize. Instead of speaking for your group, you speak only for yourself. For example, if she says to an employee, „Everyone on the team feels like you`re not pulling your weight“ on an employee, she`ll probably divert attention from your message because she`s going to wonder who talked about her and what they said. Instead, talk about what you have personally observed and express your concern: „Your recent work is lagging behind your high level of performance. Is there anything that prevents you from doing your best? This global bestseller by William Ury offers a concise, progressive and proven strategy for reaching mutually acceptable agreements in all conflicts.