Nsis License Agreement

From NSIS 2.01, the makensis compiler also compiles on POSIX platforms. POSIX platforms include Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and others. As the generated installation program is eventually run on Windows, a cross compiler is required to compile it. If you want to use MakeNSIS in the command line, the syntax of the Makensis command is: where do these changes and/or program additions come from and are distributed by that particular contributor. A contribution „comes“ from a contributor if it has been added to the program by such a contributor himself or by someone acting on behalf of such a contributor. Contributions do not contain additions to the program that are: (i) separate software modules distributed in conjunction with the program as part of their own licensing agreement and (ii) are not works derived from the program. To customize the web installation program, use the upper level nsisWeb key (not nsis). Licenses All sources of NSIS, plug-ins, documentation, examples, headers and graphics, with the exception of compression modules and where specified, are licensed zlib/libpng. The zlib compression module for NSIS is licensed zlib/libpng. The bzip2 compression module for NSIS is bzip2 licensed. The lzma compression module for NSIS is licensed common Public License version 1.0.

zlib/libpng license This software is provided „like committing“ without express or tacit warranty. Under no circumstances will the authors be responsible for the damage caused by the use of this software. For the installation program, this typical set of pages displays a licensing agreement, allows components to be selected, selects an installation directory and finally installs selected components on the Instfiles page. For the uninstall program, a confirmation page is displayed and uninstalled on the Instfiles page. First, we will install NSIS. You can download the latest version of NSIS nsis.sourceforge.net/Download. Download the installation program, run it and accept all the default settings. If the installation program says it`s over, turn off „Run NSIS“ and „Show Output Notes“ and click Finish. Everyone is allowed to copy and distribute copies of this agreement, but to avoid inconsistency, the agreement is protected by copyright and can only be amended as follows. The Steward Agreement reserves the right to publish from time to time new versions (including revisions) of this Agreement. No one other than the steward agreement has the right to amend this agreement.