Rhode Island Master Price Agreement

RISE is ready to meet your community`s energy efficiency needs. We have a 35-year track record in providing comprehensive efficiency services on behalf of National Grid and other energy program administrators in Rhode Island and throughout the Northeast. In addition, our resources and ability to deliver these services to all critical electrical and final applications and technologies differentiate us from many other regional energy service providers. As a licensed supplier under RI MPA 419, SIGNET is able to provide maintenance and repair services for existing security systems, as well as the addition, upgrade and/or replacement of security systems. Energy modernization of existing buildings reduces electricity and other operating costs, making these spaces more environmentally friendly, healthier and more comfortable. Savings generally cover equipment upgrade costs. The MPA allows public authorities and political sub-divisions — cities, cities, schools, quasi-public authorities — to allocate energy retrofit projects of up to $50,000 to MPA-listed companies without any public offerings. It also allows projects to be awarded between $50,000 and $600,000, without a full public offer, if three offers have been received from MPA-listed companies. As a licensed provider under RI MPA 416, SIGNET is able to provide audio visual design, integration, installation and support services for conference rooms, classrooms, presentation rooms, large auditoriums and teleconferencing products and systems.