Sa Medical Officers Enterprise Agreement

(a) Subject to clauses X.2.1 (b), c) and d), any worker is allowed to take up to 2 weeks of unpaid leave if the worker is invited by the government or medical authorities or on the advice of a physician to isolate himself and is therefore prevented from working or otherwise prevented from working by measures taken by the government or medical authorities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a member of a union authorized to represent your industrial interests in the work to be done under the agreement, your union will be your bargaining representative for the agreement, unless you appoint another person as your representative or if you revoke the union status of your representative. An enterprise agreement is an agreement between an employer and its employees that is covered by the agreement setting the wages and conditions of these workers for a maximum of four years. To enter into force, the agreement must be supported by the majority of workers who voted in favour of the agreement and it must be approved by an independent authority, the Fair Work Commission. Employees in the South Australian public sector are covered by the South Australian Medical Officers Enterprise Agreement 2017, which contains a number of conditions, including working time, professional development, wages and allowances, leave rules and other work-related conditions and agreements. You have the right to appoint a negotiator to represent you in negotiations on the agreement or on an issue before the Fair Work Commission on the negotiations on the agreement. For more information on your representation rights under the Fair Work Act 2009, enterprise agreements and their negotiations are also available at: An enterprise agreement is an enterprise agreement between an employer and its employees that is covered by the agreement setting the salaries and conditions of these employees for up to 4 years. 7.1 A facilitating provision provides that the standard approach may be deviated from an agreement allocation provision between an employer and a worker or employer and the majority of workers in the company or part of the company concerned. All documents and updates about the company`s trading process are published on this page. The aim is to ensure that all SA Health officials have access to the latest information available. This area contains information on the following enterprise agreements, which a doctor has in clause 4.2.

The move to the next pay point for all classifications for which there is more than one pay point will be: . (c) receives, on a proportional basis, wages and conditions equivalent to those of full-time workers who take the same type of work. . „The worker`s salary for the 2-week leave is the salary to which the worker would be entitled for a week`s leave of pay at full pay (one week`s salary including the leave charge under the annual leave clause of that bonus); and NOTE:See Calendar A – Summary of foreign exchange premiums for a combination of foreign exchange premiums and adjustment method . . . 1.3 An amendment to this premium does not affect the right, privilege, obligation or liability acquired by a person, acquired or incurred, as it existed prior to this amendment. NOTE 1: A worker covered by this premium who is entitled to clause X.2.1 or X.2.2 has an employment right under Section 341 (1) (a) of the Act.