Social Security Agreement New Zealand

(a) a New Zealand benefit continues to be paid in accordance with the provisions on temporary absences under New Zealand social security law, as if the person were established in New Zealand at the time of departure for the third country. and these guides give details on how you will break through New Zealand benefits or pensions if you have stayed in countries that have social security conventions or special agreements with New Zealand. 8. All information transmitted to a competent institution under this Agreement shall be protected in the same way as information obtained under the social security law of the receiving Contracting Party. 10. A benefit paid in accordance with paragraphs 2, 5, 6 or 8 shall remain calculated in the same way when the person is temporarily travelling to a third country. A benefit due in a manner other than that provided for in this Agreement shall be subject to the proportional calculation rules of Australian social security legislation for each period of temporary absence in a third country beyond the period permitted for the payment of a benefit under this Agreement in Article 14. The provisions relating to the assessment of a New Zealand benefit and, where applicable, a third-country pension under the Australian benefit rate during the period during which the New Zealand benefit is to be paid in a third country under this Agreement shall remain applicable as if the person had resided in Australia or New Zealand. Social security agreements between the two countries date back to 1948.

The last agreement was signed in 2001, so it was time to check it in order to keep abreast of legislative changes and terminology and to address some existing anomalies. The agreement allows people entering Australia on a special category visa (SCV) with a New Zealand passport to access certain income allowances paid by social security. (a) the amount of that benefit does not include any additional benefits or allowances that would be payable under New Zealand social security law if that person were domiciled in New Zealand. (c) for the recovery of social security claims under this Agreement. .