Student Housing Management Agreement

3.2 We may withdraw or suspend the benefits we are able to provide if we believe it is necessary for proper administration, including (without limitation) of interruptions, to make repairs or modifications, and we are not responsible for the costs, expenses, losses, liabilities or actions that result. You also guarantee that you will notify us of any change in student status, and if you are a student or if you tell us that you are no longer a student at a university in England and Wales, you remain responsible for the rent payable for the period of this agreement as well as any taxes or other taxes arising from your change in student status. 3.3 We reserve the right to travel during the rental period in another accommodation (which may be in a hotel) to carry out emergency repairs in space or in the building, or if we deem it necessary or desirable, Difficulties between tenants or for better management of the building to avoid the provided than: 1.7 Subject to clause 2.1 , this lease is a short-term lease agreement (as defined in Section 19A of the Housing Act 1988). This lease is governed by the provisions of Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988, which allow the owner to recover the property. This means that you cannot assert the legal rights to stay after the expiry of the lease, and a court order states that you must leave. The lessor issuing a notification under item 21 must give at least two months` notice in writing. For more information, please contact a housing advisory service, a lawyer or a citizens` advisory office to find out what this means. 1.8 If you are under the age of 18, despite the other provisions of this lease, the lessor does not grant you a lease agreement and this lease will instead be considered a contract for the lessor to grant you a lease agreement on the terms set out in that contract within ten working days of receiving a written request from you. While waiting for such a rental contract (the „licence period“), you have the right to occupy the room.

This agreement does not function as a loss of space and during the licensing period, each occupation of space is only in the form of a license. It and the lessor must both comply with and fulfil their obligations under the terms and conditions of the lease (to the extent that they are not inconsistent with this clause 1.8, as if a lease had been entered into at the time of the agreement). The lessor has the same rights and remedies with respect to any violation of the obligations imposed on you by the agreements and terms of that lease, as if a lease had been entered into at the time of this agreement. You pay the lessor amounts equal to the rents and other amounts that you would pay under this tenancy agreement at the same time and in the same way as if a tenancy agreement had been granted at the time of the agreement. This clause 1.8 prevails over all other provisions of the lease. 8.4 You guarantee (confirm) that you are a student at a university in England and Wales and you agree to remain a student at a university in England and Wales, and you understand that the landlord may terminate that lease under clause 8.1 of that lease if you find that you are not a student at a university in England and Wales. ¬∑ „Start date of the lease“ means that your profession can start under the terms of this agreement 7.7, if you have entered into this contract as a second lease or subsequent contract and we have agreed to renew your down payment, you agree that your landlord can withhold the down payment of your current lease at the end of this lease and hold as a booking fee for your booking for the coming academic year – your new lease.