This Agreement Is Personal To The Parties

Where a contract is implied or incomplete with respect to the parties` intent with respect to the assignment, the provisions of the Indian Contract Act of 1872 and the principles of surrender set out in it should be invoked. „fees,“ the fees, expenses and other amounts that the client pays to the entity under this agreement. (a) in the case of personal delivery at the time of delivery; (b) When/when/when/if disputes or disputes arise as a result of this agreement or in connection with this agreement, the parties resolve these disputes or disputes through amicable negotiations between the parties; (a) A party that is unable to meet its obligations under this agreement informs the other party, within working days, of the appearance and termination of the circumstances that prevent that first party from fulfilling its obligations; or (b) disputes, controversies or claims arising from or related to this Agreement, including matters relating to their existence, validity or termination (a „claim“), are prosecuted by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the London Court of International Arbitration („LCIA“) and definitively resolved the rules which are deemed adopted by reference to this clause – 15.6 In the event of verification or withdrawal of insurance coverage for the client, ARMSTRONG reserves the right to revise its terms of payment and, if necessary, to obtain appropriate guarantees from the client. If it is not possible to reach agreement on appropriate revised conditions, ARMSTRONG has the right of termination provided for in point 26. 21.4 ARMSTRONG ensures that, in good conscience, the publication of content is not contrary to the rights of third parties or otherwise violates the law which is not included in legal or other advice for ARMSTRONG. 14.1 No waiver of a party to assert one of its rights under this agreement affects its ability to assert those rights or any of its other rights under this agreement. A waiver is only valid if it is written and signed by the party concerned and is expressly marked as a waiver by reference to this clause 14.1. c) All disputes between parties. If ARMSTRONG establishes contact reports that provide each party with a written statement of all substantive issues discussed in meetings or telephone conversations between the parties, these are made available to the Client within 2 business days of the meeting or interview. If the subject of a contact report is not questioned by the Client within 2 business days of receipt, it is to be expected that it will be a precise recording of the meeting (virtual or personal) or a telephone conversation to which it relates. 2.1 An order is an offer from the customer for the purchase of services in accordance with this agreement; an order is deemed accepted if ARMSTRONG adopts the decision (which can be written or oral) on the date the contract and contract between the parties are concluded.