Una Agreements

As a non-profit organization serving more than 5,000 security service providers, the Savvik Buying Group has been steadily reduced. Savvik`s mission was to provide the best contracts to the entire public safety sector. To help authorities such as emergency medical services (EMS), firefighters, law enforcement and hospitals, you will get the best price for those who need no problems. The problem was that Savvik did not have the resources to find and negotiate all the necessary agreements. Read our case study to see how Una helped. „Unfortunately, the arbitrator largely ignored the recent history of salary restraint in teachers` collective agreements and decided to focus on the state of Alberta`s economy.“ By providing publicly funded agreements on everything from incandescent bulbs to maintenance supplies to medical care, Savvik has been a unique point of contact for everything a public agency might need. „Access to contracts that someone else has already done the job for is extremely advantageous. The immensity of the Una agreements and their scope were much better than we could have achieved alone.¬†„Medical supply contracts are the reason we signed with Una, but these are some of the side contracts that are the most fun, AT-T, Hotel Engine, Entertainment, Car Rental, theme parks. Una`s contracts helped us to commit part of our membership that we would not normally have achieved. If you can help someone who works in an ambulance and makes $10 an hour, you save $20 a month on their cell phone bill, believe it or not, that`s a big thing. The little things add up. „At first I thought we were in the business for 20 years, why do we need something like this now? But we realized that we needed Una, because it wasn`t just the agreements we thought we needed; there were other advantages that we never dreamed of that Una could offer us. Schulte quickly realized that a partnership with Una would not only save time and money for his business, but also increase its purchasing power.

Access to Una`s agreements would allow them to expand and diversify their own portfolio of contracts. That`s why the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) has been working with other unions and employers in the health sector to implement a process for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) while working to combat COVID-19. AUPE, United Nurses of Alberta (UNA), the Alberta Health Sciences Association (HSAA), Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Covenant Health issued a joint statement that spelled out the process to be used to ensure worker safety. . . . Una has been an excellent partner, both in finding new ways and in helping them in areas where we do not have enough manpower.