Work Registration Agreement Utah

You must submit weekly applications online, be able to work and be available for work. Utah suggests that you should contact four employers each week to actively look for work, and if you don`t contact that number of employers, you may be denied benefits for that week. You will need to keep a record of your job search contacts, and the forms to help you do so can be found in the Claimant`s Manual. In addition, you must complete the ten steps to register for employment to obtain job placement assistance from the Ministry of Manpower Services. Finally, you must accept suitable work and declare all wages paid. You must be unemployed through no fault of your own and have earned a sufficient salary during your base period (the first 4 of the last 5 calendar quarters completed before the week in which you claim benefits, or alternatively the last 4 quarters). In addition, you must be able and available for full-time work. A candidate may be deferred if, due to seasonal factors, he or she does not have a job in his or her main occupation and other suitable jobs are not available in the area. An applicant who has a commitment to a previous employer and who has reasonable assurance of returning to full-time employment within ten weeks of filing or reopening a claim may have the work registration requirement postponed to the scheduled date of the recall. A candidate is considered to have adequate job security if he or she has previously worked for the employer and the terms of his or her employment relationship have not changed, which would indicate a separation of the employment relationship. As a general rule, the postponement should not last more than ten weeks.

To extend beyond ten weeks, the applicant must have earned at least half of his or her base salary from the employer concerned and the employer must submit an application to the Ministry. A claimant who is unemployed as a result of union action may be deferred while a claim under subsection 35A-4-405(4) is pending. If benefits are granted, the applicant must immediately register for work. If departmental approval is granted in accordance with the elements of R994-403-202, the applicant will be placed in deferred status after the start of training and will not have to register for employment or seek and accept employment. The deferral also applies to periods of interruption between consecutive periods, provided that the period of interruption is four weeks or less. A candidate must complete a job search prior to the start of the training, even if they have been informed that the training has been approved. An applicant who accepts a final offer to start working full-time within three weeks will be postponed for this period. An objection must be made in writing and can be submitted by fax, mail or online. You will still need to apply for weekly benefits because you will only receive benefits for the weeks you submitted if you win your case. If you qualify for benefits, the number of weeks of regular benefits you can receive is between 10 and 26.

The highest quarter of your base period divided by 26 determines the amount of benefits you receive per week of unemployment up to a maximum of $496. . . .